Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Three Destination Wedding Dresses You Don’t Want to Miss!

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. Their appeal has a lot to do with the fact that the bride and groom can have their wedding, honeymoon, and cake (and eat it, too!) all in one locale. If you are considering a destination wedding but you just don’t know how you will pull off the […]

Tying The Knot: How To Plan A Smooth Wedding Chapel Ceremony

Are you planning to head down the aisle with the one you love? Now is the time to begin planning the wedding ceremony and opting to host the event in a wedding chapel is a great venue. Below, discover how you can plan your wedding chapel ceremony in the smoothest way possible so you will […]

Save Money On Your Wedding By Renting All Of The Odds And Ends You Need

When planning a wedding, many people know that the large items, such as the chairs and tables can be rented from a rental company. Renting the items saves couples quite a bit of money on the overall cost of their wedding. If you are planning a wedding in the near future, it is important to […]